Qualified Website Authentication Certificates (QWAC)

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Identification and secure connections for EU Web sites and applications

Qualified Trust Services ProviderEntrust EU is a qualified provider of QWACs for eIDAS and QWACs for PSD2 specifically. Find us on the EU Trust List

QWACs for eIDAS compliance

  • European Organizations can secure their communications with an eIDAS-compliant QWAC to demonstrate their compliance with European eIDAS guidelines.

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QWACs for PSD2 compliance

  • PSD2-compliant QWACs are used by the payment industry in the European Union to secure transactions. These certificates must be issued by a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP).
  • The certificates are used to validate the business identity and the authorized roles of Payment Services Providers (e.g., Financial Service and FinTech firms) that are involved in banking and financial transactions in the European Union (EU).

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